Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reports that nine sexual offenders recently registered addresses within Sarasota County.
They have updated their approach to our sex offender and predator registration notifications. Historically, they have written individual news releases, notifying citizens when a new offender or predator has moved to Sarasota County. a Several months ago they created this album to post registrations as they come in.
As a reminder, information regarding offender registrations is provided as a courtesy while predator registration notifications are mandatory by law. To receive email alerts when an offender or predator moves into your neighborhood, sign up online by visiting You can also access an interactive map on the sheriff’s office mobile app, which is free to download.
You can sign up to receive email alerts when a sex offender or predator moves into your neighborhood by visiting An interactive map is also available on our mobile app, which is free to download on your smart devices.
Please follow this link to view past registrations: