THE HISTORY OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Sunday 1pm to 3pm


What’s that song? Who’s the performer? How did they get that name? What inspired those words? Why does this music touch my heart … make me smile … make me cry … make me want to dance, romance and fall in love? Whatever happened to the great music I grew up with? For the answers, join legendary radio host Wink Martindale for a two-hour weekly look back at the songs and stars who made the music magic with The History of Rock ‘N’ Roll.


Each episode of The History of Rock ‘N’ Roll is built around a theme spotlighting yet another aspect of rock and pop history – from “Leading Ladies of the ‘80s” to “The ‘60s Greatest Dance Hits” … “Inside Beatlemania” to “The Best of Folk-Rock” … “The Magic of Motown” to “The #1 Hits of 1980” … “The Most Romantic Hits of 1978” to “The Super Summer Song Collection” – and many, many more. You’ll hear the songs and the stories behind them from Wink and often from the artists themselves. Here’s the inside scoop on the memorable music that’s formed the soundtrack of our lives.