After hearing two hours of comments from angry, sometimes yelling, residents who want Warm Mineral Springs reopened, North Port’s City Commissioners are taking a new approach to getting the springs reopened.  

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City Commissioners say next Monday, they’ll approve and send to the Sarasota County Commission, co-owners of Warm Mineral Springs, proposal that both they and the city simultaneously simultaneously put out requests for bids for short-and-long-term operators to take over running the Springs.  The city plan would confine the operators to the land that includes the springs, spa, restaurant and changing rooms, but not the larger property they jointly own.  North Port’s been opposed to developing the entire property, which could be a problem, since County leaders want to see the entire site developed.  The Springs has been closed since July, and North Port Commissioners were given a grilling by frustrated residents who want the popular tourist attraction reopened.