The sheriff’s office arrested a second person in Tuesday’s shooting in Port Charlotte.

It says 19-year-old Yonatan Amaya remains at the county jail without bond.

The shooting happened near Meehan Avenue and Aaron Street.

A man reported riding his bicycle as someone apparently tried hitting him with a car.

This gave the man minor injuries.

He claimed someone began shooting at him, and one of the shots hit a residence.

The sheriff’s office says detectives found 30-year-old Michael Coley driving this Lexus on Wednesday.

They stopped Coley on a traffic infraction and took him into custody.

As detectives searched his residence on Hariet Street yesterday, someone told them he had met Coley and Yonatan in Sarasota on Tuesday.

This person said those two talked about someone on a bicycle and Amaya firing a gun at him.

Detectives found Amaya at his residence and arrested him.