Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office ~

At approximately 10:30pm on New Year’s Day, CCSO deputies responded to a 911 call regarding a road rage incident involving a firearm being discharged.

Dylan L. Perez (12/16/1997) and Shiann M. Skidmore (8/22/1994) were driving southbound on US41 Tamiami Trail near Gardner Blvd. when the male driver of the vehicle in front of them “brake-checked”, causing them to hit their brakes hard in order to avoid a collision. The pair became enraged and followed the vehicle to the man’s Port Charlotte home.

Dylan L. Perez (12/16/97)
  • Resisting Officer w/o Violence


Shiann M. Skidmore (8/22/94)
  • Agg. Assault w/ Deadly Weapon
  • Agg. Battery w/ Deadly Weapon
  • Child Neglect x3

Once at the home, Dylan exited the vehicle and verbally confronted the man. At this time, Shiann entered the driver’s seat and attempted to hit the man with her vehicle, then accelerated and rammed the rear of the other vehicle. The impact moved the parked vehicle forward approximately four feet and caused moderate damage.

The man’s significant other was still in the passenger seat of the vehicle, and three children were in the backseat of the vehicle driven by Shiann. At this time, the man displayed a firearm and discharged three rounds into the ground as self-defense warning shots.

The parties continued their heated argument until deputies arrived and took control of the situation. Despite being told to stay put, Dylan then attempted to enter his vehicle, at which time a deputy physically prevented him from doing so. Shiann then jumped on the deputy’s back and was subsequently shrugged off and handcuffed.

“Road rage may be real, but if you cannot manage yourself when you’re behind the wheel, then you shouldn’t be on the road. We all have to keep our emotions in check. Clearly these people couldn’t do that and instead, they endangered people’s lives… including three innocent children.”


While making the arrests, deputies noted that Dylan smelled strongly of alcohol, and while advising Shiann of her charges, she stated “I’m going to kill him”.

Both Dylan and Shiann have bonded out in the amounts of $2,500 and $20,000, respectively.