FloridaCommerce has launched the Rebuild Florida Hurricane Ian Housing Repair and Replacement Program Assessment – a simple survey that’s super important if you’re looking for help after Hurricane Ian. 🏡🌀
Here’s the deal: They’ve got funding from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development to help out folks whose homes received damage from Hurricane Ian. This program will focus on the people who need it most, like those who are in a tough spot financially. Around 70% of the money will go to these folks, especially those with incomes less than half of what’s considered average in the area.
By filling out the assessment, you’re basically letting FloridaCommerce know you are in need of money to fix or replace your home. It’s like a first step to show you’re eligible for this special kind of support. If you’re a match, they will ask you to apply for the help!
The cool thing is, FloridaCommerce is going to handle the whole fixing or replacing process. They’ve got a team of experts and contractors who will work on the homes that need it. To do the assessment, you need to own the property that got damaged by the storm.
Visit https://www.floridajobs.org/…/disaster…/hurricane-ian and click on “Take our Housing Preassessment” to get all the details about who can get help and how it all works.