Punta Gorda Man Faces Eight Felony Charges (with more to come) in Charlotte County After Standoff with Law Enforcement

A Punta Gorda man will face eight felony charges in Charlotte County, with more pending, after shooting a woman in Lee County and fleeing.

Daniel Dunn (2/19/1989)

On Sunday, October 29, a man identified as Daniel Dunn (2/19/1989) shot a woman in Lee County and fled to a Punta Gorda residence on Mandy St., resulting in a long standoff with law enforcement. During this standoff, many neighbors in the immediate area were displaced and unable to return to their homes, as deputies had learned that Dunn was armed and had informed others that he would not surrender and would shoot at law enforcement if provoked.

After many hours of attempted negotiations to resolve the situation peacefully, a felony arrest warrant for Daniel Dunn was obtained. At that time, members of the Charlotte County SWAT team, with the assistance of members of the Lee County SWAT team, began to move toward the residence. At that time, Dunn began to shoot through the walls of the manufactured home in the direction of law enforcement members, striking armored personnel vehicles. Several of the shots Dunn fired struck other residences on Mandy St. and perforated the walls of those homes. Thankfully, there were no reports of injury to law enforcement members or neighbors.

At that time, deputies returned fire and Dunn was hit, sustaining a non-life-threatening injury. He then surrendered and was taken to a Lee County hospital for treatment before being transferred to the Lee County Jail for the original shooting incident.

“Law enforcement relies on unity, and my agency responded immediately to provide helping hands to Charlotte County in this situation. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office provided all assets requested to assist our law enforcement partners.”


Charlotte County detectives then conducted their investigation, which included a search warrant of the home where Dunn was barricaded. Detectives and members of the Forensics Team located multiple firearms and trafficking amounts of narcotics. Charges for the narcotics located are still pending. Within the residence, they also located numerous spent casings.

“This incident shows our community exactly why we take the actions we take in these situations. If we had allowed neighbors to go back to their homes, there is a good possibility that someone may have been struck by the suspect’s random gunfire. I know this was a frustrating day for them, but after all is said and done, they are safe. I’ll take that outcome any day.”


Sheriff Prummell also expressed his gratitude to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance and echoed the importance of unity among local and state law enforcement.

Daniel Dunn is currently facing charges in Lee County, and will face the following charges in Charlotte County:

  • Aggravated battery (x2)
  • Aggravated assault (x2)
  • Discharging firearm into occupied vehicle (x2)
  • Possession of firearm by convicted felon
  • Resisting with violence
  • (Multiple narcotics charges pending)

Dunn is being held on a $1.5M bond.