Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies say a man faces grand theft and other charges after an arrest on outstanding warrants turned up a lot more……. County Bust VO.mp3

Deputies say they stopped 46-year old Bryan Humberger last week on outstanding warrants as he left a scrap yard. The Herald-Tribune reports while being questioned, Humberger told detectives he allegedly stole and pawned power tools from a home in Venice as well as a kayak from North Jetty Kayak rentals. Detectives say there was more Humberger didn’t say, like the truck he was in when he was busted had been reported stolen. Detectives allege Humberger stole a checkbook from the Nokomis home of a woman who died two years ago, and used one of them to pay for the truck. The truck was reproted stolen when the check bounced. The charges against Humberger include grand theft, grand theft auto, and burglary.