One of four Charlotte County teens has been arrested for egging a vehicle.

Sheriff’s deputies said that it happened in Deep Creek when they got a call of an object being thrown at a vehicle around 10 p.m. on Halloween. It happened on Encarnacion Street and Seasons Drive. Witnesses told deputies that a car approached, and somebody inside threw something at an oncoming pick up truck. The object hit the truck, shattered the windshield, broke a headlight, and left several dents in the vehicle. The victim told police he made a quick U-turn and followed the suspect car. The victim said at Deep Creek and Chiclayo Avenue, another pick up was hit by an object thrown from the car, and the first rear ended the suspect car. Four suspects in the car ran, but the pick up driver caught a 16 year old that police arrested. The others got away, but deputies determined that the object was an egg.