In Venice, despite resident appeals for a delay, the Venice City Council unanimously approved a preliminary plan for a shopping center site in North Venice.

The plan consolidates multiple separate parcels into a single entity, with final approval pending. A previous 5-2 vote in July rezoned a 10-acre area at the southwest corner of Laurel Road and Jacaranda Boulevard from open space to commercial, a decision opposed by Mayor Nick Pachota and Council Member Rachel Frank.

This rezoning decision is currently under appeal in the Twelfth Circuit. However, the appeal does not hinder developer Pat Neal from proceeding with the project at his own risk, considering the possibility of appellants, including the North Venice Neighborhood Alliance and property owners Gary Scott, Kenneth Baron, and Seth Thompson, obtaining an order to overturn the rezoning.

Given the potentially lengthy appeal process, several North Venice residents urged the Council to refrain from acting on the proposed plan until a decision is reached.