North Port Police Department ~
On 07/26/21, NPPD had probable cause to arrest 30-year-old Tami Crowder of North Port and 34-year-old Tad Johnson of Englewood, who are in a relationship, for armed robbery and theft.
NPPD responded to a robbery on July 26 on Gallatin Lane where the victim was robbed at gunpoint by a masked individual. She identified a friend who was visiting her, Crowder, as being involved in the robbery and she recognized the masked subject as Johnson, Crowder’s significant other.
It was later determined Crowder set up the victim to walk out to a vehicle to look at something inside the car, and as they walked back in, Johnson approached her. He pointed a handgun at her, and after threatening words and pinning her down, Johnson ran off with her purse. Crowder chased the victim back to the house, but the victim was able to lock the door before she could get in.
Both fled the scene and Crowder’s registered license plate was entered into the license plate recognition system. During the initial investigation, the system hit on the suspect vehicle returning into the City. Patrol quickly responded to the registered address and spotted the suspect vehicle with multiple occupants in the driveway. The couple was detained, and the victim positively identified them.
Crowder and Johnson were arrested, and interviews were conducted. They provided conflicting details, but probable cause existed for their arrest. Further investigative efforts yielded additional recovered evidence belonging to the victim and a firearm was found inside the suspect vehicle after a search warrant was obtained. The investigation is still ongoing. This was an isolated incident and there is no threat to the public.
Strong work to responding officers for locating the vehicle and arresting the suspects so quickly. Don’t do bad stuff in North Port… we’ll find you.