North Port Solid Waste Manager Monica Bramble has been named the 2013 Solid Waste Professional Manager of the Year by the American Public Works Association (APWA).

Ms. Bramble became the North Port Solid Waste Manager in June 2007. She has made significant contributions in the advancement of solid waste management through her service on various committees such as the Solid Waste Association of North America, APWA and the Sarasota County Solid Waste Management Citizens Advisory Board. During her career, she served as a Certification Board Member and Training Instructor for the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and also as a Board Member on the SWANA Evergreen Chapter. Prior to her move to North Port, she was the Solid Waste Disposal Superintendent and Interim Solid Waste Director for the City of Spokane, Washington.

Mr. Branford N. Adumuah, Director of Public Works, nominated Ms. Bramble for this award.

“In June 2007 the operations of our Solid Waste Division was going through many challenges, including funding, employee morale, and service delivery. There was public clamor to outsource solid waste operations. Within a short period following her arrival, Monica was able to mitigate many of these issues and turn around the operation. She did not rest. She updated various solid waste ordinances, set up a viable equipment replacement program, established an effective recycling program, and put the solid waste operating budget in the black. Today, our Solid Waste Division is one of the most efficient and one that I receive the most compliments from the public. I see Monica’s recognition as confirmation of what I have always known about her qualities. It is also a confirmation of the many talented professionals managing Public Works,” Mr. Adumuah said.

During Ms. Bramble’s tenure with the City of North Port, she has made numerous improvements to the Solid Waste Division and instituted several new programs, including: 1) initiation of the use of the Public Works Asset Management System to efficiently handle customer service requests, 2) elimination of $1.3 million dollar in deficit and building of a $1.2 million emergency fund balance and $3.3 million capital acquisition fund, 3) implementation of a one side of the street garbage collection, 4) development of a Solid Waste Rate Study and 5) implementation of mandatory recycling for resource conservation and cost savings.

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