The North Port city employee who blew the whistle on Public Works Department personnel cheating on FEMA exams has been fired…. Blower Fired VO.mp3

The Herald Tribune reports Richard Tirado was let go for calling in sick and not giving his supervisor a note from his doctor. Tirado thinks he was canned as payback for the FEMA mess. There are those who say Tirdao’s firing’s a sign of a bigger issue. Diane Tate was the city’s second highest ranking human resources officer, and tells the Herald-Tribune North Port’s “the most dysfunctional organization I’ve ever seen in my life.” Tate, who has 30-plus years in human resources, says city department heads did pretty much what they wanted, including one department head telling employees they couldn’t bring problems to Human Resources, followed up with-and you can’t tell them that I told you that.