Gov.Ron DeSantis has approved many new regulations that go in to effect July 1st. Are are some of them.

1. You can carry a concealed weapon without a permit

If you are legally permitted to own a firearm, you can carry it concealed in Florida. You must be a resident 21 or older to buy a weapon. There still are restrictions on gun ownership for people convicted of a felony, dishonorably discharged, adjudicated mentally defective or involuntarily committed to treatment, convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor or other conditions recognized by the state.


2. New Rules For Undocumented Immigrants

CS/CS/SB 1718 – Immigration makes the following changes:

  • Transporting a minor or more than five undocumented people into the state carries a second-degree felony penalty.
  • Companies with 25 or more employees will have to use the federal E-Verify system when hiring workers. Penalties for employers who don’t verify their employees’ status could face suspension of their licenses to operate.
  • Local governments will be banned from contributing money to organizations creating ID cards for undocumented immigrants, and driver’s licenses issued to non-citizens will be barred from use in Florida. Illegal migrants also could face felony charges by displaying a false ID to obtain employment.
  • Hospitals receiving state and federal Medicaid reimbursements will be required to track how much money is spent on undocumented immigrants in emergency rooms and must ask if a patient is in the country legally.
  • A 2014 law that allowed undocumented immigrants to be admitted to practice law in Florida will be repealed.
  • The Division of Emergency Management’s Unauthorized Alien Transport Program get $12 million to continue the migrant-relocation program of transporting asylum-seekers to different places around the country.

3. In Florida, when utilizing a public restroom, it is mandated that individuals utilize facilities  that correspond to the sex they were assigned at birth.

4. Schools in Florida will have a later start time. 

5. Healthcare providers in Florida can deny you service based on their moral, ethical, or religious beliefs

6. Teens can no longer drive a golf cart in Florida without a permit or driver’s license.

7. TikTok banned on campus Wi-Fi or on a school- or government-issued device.

8. HOA can not restrict you from displaying some flags and parking your boat in your back yard.