New information has emerged regarding the tragic Port Charlotte home invasion shooting that resulted in the deaths of two individuals and injuries to two others.

On May 25, numerous distressed neighbors and an individual from within the house made frantic calls, prompting a swift response from law enforcement officers who flooded Beverly Avenue.

According to one eyewitness, there was a lifeless body lying in the street. For weeks, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office refrained from disclosing details about the incident, initially referring to it as a “botched” home invasion.

However, recently uncovered documents shed some light on the matter. The state attorney’s office, in conjunction with the Sheriff’s office, now believes that four individuals specifically targeted a residence on Beverly Avenue. Three of them have been apprehended and charged with murder, while the fourth person is deceased.

Leah Jenness, aged 18, Sha-Zear Mears, aged 18, and a 17-year-old male are currently in custody. The state attorney has identified the deceased individual as Barshear Smith.

Newly obtained documents reveal that the teenagers, armed with firearms, brandished them at three occupants of the house, subjecting them to physical assault. Additionally, they callously shot and killed two dogs.

The reasons behind the unsuccessful home invasion remain unclear. Furthermore, it is puzzling why deputies arrested a neighbor named Ethan Maaske, who allegedly witnessed the suspects fleeing and pursued them. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office detectives have only disclosed that Maaske guided them to his arrest on charges of aggravated battery.

Leah Jenness and Sha-Zear Mears are scheduled to appear in court on Saturday morning, where the state attorney intends to upgrade their charges to murder.