Venice, Fla. – The Venice Historic and Architectural Preservation board has given the green light for the construction of a new 57-foot-tall permanent circus tent as part of the Trapeze Park development project. The decision, passed with a 4-1 vote on Thursday, marks a significant step forward in the revitalization efforts of the area.

Situated across from the Venice Airport on Venice Island, the tent will serve as the centerpiece of Trapeze Park, hosting a trapeze academy to train both novice and experienced artists. Additionally, it will be the venue for various public entertainment performances and special events.

“This is a campus project, so it will include a hotel, a restaurant, and a parking garage, there will be the circus tent, so they did also mention that there could be a fast-food restaurant,” explained Venice Planning and Zoning Director Roger Clark, highlighting the comprehensive nature of the development plans.

Developers estimate the cost of the circus tent to be at least $1.5 million, emphasizing its importance as a functional and aesthetically pleasing structure for the project.

“The tent is the right choice because that’s what circus tents are built to do, is to have circuses, and it’s a beautiful structure for the perfect reason,” commented Misty Servia, AICP, Certified Planner, expressing support for the decision.

While the approval has sparked enthusiasm among developers regarding the potential for economic growth and historic preservation, some residents have raised concerns about the potential impact on traffic and congestion in the area.

As plans for Trapeze Park continue to unfold, stakeholders will closely monitor the development’s progress and address any community concerns that may arise.