November 29, 2023 – Port Charlotte, FL

A Punta Gorda man was arrested on numerous charges, including narcotics and violation of probation, hours after taking a plea deal for a felony offense of firing a gun outside of Gatorz Bar in 2021.

On November 20, 2023, while traveling on Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte, a deputy came to a stop at a red light. The vehicle in front of him, a white Ford Expedition, was also stopped at the light. The Expedition then proceeded through the intersection prior to the light changing. Seeing this, the deputy activated his emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver, later identified as Dylan Roy (5/19/1995), pulled to the side of the road, where the deputy made contact.

Dylan Roy (5/19/1995)

The deputy advised Roy of the reason for the stop and requested his license, registration, and proof of insurance. Roy appeared very nervous, so much so that he could not focus to provide the requested documents. The deputy noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Due to Roy’s nervousness and him frantically moving things around in the vehicle, the deputy asked Roy to step out. The deputy continued to speak with Roy outside, learning that the vehicle was registered to Roy’s father but that it was “his truck”. Throughout this conversation, Roy continuously apologized for running the red light.

At that time, Roy was advised that he would be receiving a warning for the traffic violation, and was questioned about the marijuana smell. Roy admitted that he no longer had a medical marijuana card and that there was a baggie of marijuana on the passenger floorboard. The deputy advised that a search of his vehicle would need to be conducted. During that search, deputies located two small baggies of marijuana on the passenger floorboard (approx. 9g), as Roy had said. Also on the passenger side, the deputies discovered an unfired 12-gauge shotgun shell, along with a scale with residue and cash inside of a red shoebox. A second box was located inside the driver’s visor, which contained two small baggies of a white substance. This substance was tested and generated a positive response for fentanyl. The total weight of the white substance was 5.5g, exceeding the 4g amount required for a trafficking charge.

“This is yet another example of someone who did not learn from his past mistakes. To accuse a deputy of ruining your life when it is you who is making the poor choices and breaking the law is sad. Accountability is a major step in turning your life around, and this individual needs to accept that.”