Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) apprehended Michael A. Minnucci, 52, on Tuesday following a series of alarming 911 calls directed at deputies.

Minnucci’s first call to the emergency line reportedly included threats aimed at the phone operator, with statements like, “I’m going to light you on fire because I’m a cop bitch” and “I’m going to kill you if you come near me.” Minutes later, he allegedly mentioned specific officers by name, declaring, “I want them beheaded,” and “You are dead if you come near me,” emphasizing, “This is not a threat. It’s a fact.”

Following another call, where he threatened Sheriff Bill Prummell directly, Minnucci was warned about the seriousness of calling the emergency line frivolously. Despite this, he persisted, stating, “I want Bill Prummell executed for fondling me,” and “I am going to commit arson on Bill Prummell.”

CCSO dispatch managed to pinpoint Minnucci’s location, revealing prior interactions with law enforcement. Upon questioning, Minnucci claimed he called 911 seeking legal advice.

Consequently, Minnucci was arrested and charged with misuse of the 911 or E911 system. The incident echoes recent concerns over misuse of emergency lines, following the arrest of a 13-year-old in Fort Myers for posting threats on Snapchat.