The sheriff’s office says a Punta Gorda man tried running away from a deputy — and then pointed a gun at him.

It says it happened this morning after the deputy saw two men riding bicycles in South Punta Gorda Heights.

He stopped them because they went through a stop sign, and one of them had improper lights.

The deputy wanted to search them for weapons. One of them took off running.

The office says the deputy saw 32-year-old Timothy Ceasar drop or throw something on the ground. A second deputy found an empty gun holster.

The first deputy continued chasing Ceasar, and the office claims he saw Ceasar point a gun at him. That prompted the deputy to draw his weapon and order Ceasar to drop his. Ceasar obeyed.

After the deputies handcuffed him, they found a fully loaded .45 caliber gun with the serial numbers gone.