A legal action has been initiated following a tragic incident wherein an 80-year-old woman lost her life to an alligator attack near her residence in Englewood, close to her Boca Royale home.

Rose Wiegand was tending to her garden near a seawall in July 2022 when she was ambushed by two alligators, ultimately leading to her demise.

Residents in the Boca Royale community, like Helga Jehle and Catherine Anderson, had previously observed alligator activity in the vicinity, with some encountering the reptiles in their own properties. However, measures to address this concern were not taken until September when permits were finally issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to remove the alligators from the area.

In late February, Kristin Domain, the daughter of the victim, filed a lawsuit against the homeowners association, alleging negligence in managing the presence of alligators on the premises. According to the family’s lawyer, Ryan Fogg, the association had discussed the installation of warning signs, but such proposals were rejected by the community. Fogg emphasized that this negligence made the tragic incident inevitable.

The absence of warning signs, which the family believes could have averted the tragedy, highlights a significant oversight in the community. The lawsuit names Boca Royale Golf Property Owners Association, Neal Communities, and various related entities as defendants.