Charlotte County, FL – June 10, 2022
Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

A mall security guard contacted CCSO just before 2:30 in the morning after observing 3 juveniles attempting to break into a jewelry store within the Port Charlotte Town Center mall, with a crowbar in tow. The security guard advised they were targeting a jewelry store when he startled them.

When deputies arrived, they observed 3 juvenile suspects exiting the mall. Two suspects fled while the third hid behind a dumpster near the entrance of Regal Cinemas and Recreational Warehouse. Verbal commands were given and all three suspects obeyed and were taken into custody.

A traffic stop was made on a suspicious vehicle in a nearby parking lot which determined the involvement of two additional suspects identified as George Muncan (01/23/2004) and Kiley Myers (12/09/2003). The two provided transportation for the juveniles and served as lookouts during the commission of the crime.

“It’s extremely concerning to see such young men committing such serious crimes,” says Sheriff Bill Prummell. “My deputies responded quickly and efficiently and were able to apprehend all individuals involved, without incident,” he adds.

All 5 suspects have been arrested in relation to the crime and are currently at the Charlotte County Jail. The names of the additional juveniles will not be released due to their age.