It’s Sea Otter Awareness Week!
And this otter has no clue. Nor does it care. Should we tell him it’s because he’s a river otter…?
Hmm, decisions, decisions. Good thing river otters aren’t choosy — fish, crabs, birds’ eggs, turtles, and small mammals are all on the menu for these river-dwelling dynamos. Now, why are they such voracious eaters, you ask? It’s because their aquatic lifestyle demands it. To keep themselves warm in the water, river otters need a high metabolic rate, and that means eating up to a whopping 20% of their total body weight every single day. Same.
So, here’s to our river otters – they might not have their own week in the spotlight, but they are one of our favorite champions of the riverbank.
Also, the sea’s loss is most definitely the river’s gain (edited in by a river otter upon finding out they only get an appreciation day instead of a week).
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