People Trust Insurance claims its customers broke their policies by repairing their own homes after Hurricane Ian.

People Trust Insurance is suing dozens of Southwest Floridians for allegedly violating their insurance policies by repairing their own homes after Hurricane Ian. The company claims that the homeowners’ repairs were not up to code and that they have voided their insurance policies as a result.

The homeowners say that they were forced to make repairs to their homes themselves because People Trust was taking too long to process their claims. They also argue that the repairs they made were necessary to protect their homes from further damage.

In 2019, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation fined People Trust $1.7 million for failing to pay claims in a timely manner. The company has also been accused of denying valid claims and of offering lowball settlements.

The state has been struggling with a surge in insurance claims in recent years, which has led to rate increases and a decrease in the availability of coverage.

If People Trust is found to have broken the law, it should be held accountable for its actions.