4th of July celebrations can be very dangerous for our pets. They can frighten some of them enough to cause them to run away. Often dogs far away from the fireworks can feel the vibration and hear the noises from the explosions. It is not uncommon for many animals to end up in animal care facilities the next day.

The following are a few pointers for pet owners during the celebrations:

Keep your pets indoors while fireworks are being displayed in your area

Put identification tags on all of your pets, in case they escape

If you shoot off fireworks, do not do so around animals. Animals can sustain serious burns from fireworks.

Keep a TV or radio going in your home to drown out the explosive noises

Even if you are convinced your pet will do fine at a firework display, do not take them

Never approach someone else’s pet during a fireworks display. A normally friendly animal can snap when scared.

Exercise your dog well before the display, so that they will sleep well.

Before you let your pet back into the yard, do a quick survey to make sure that there is nothing there to harm it, especially objects it might try to eat or sniff. If you think your animal has ingested a harmful chemical, call your veterinarian immediately.

For more information, please call 941-474-7884 or visit our website www.humane.org.