Hurricane Idalia recovery updates.

Charlotte County Emergency Management

The U.S. 41 bridges over the Peace River in Punta Gorda have reopened as well as the Beach Road causeway leading to Manasota Key.

Storm surge, high tides and excessive rainfall from Hurricane Idalia have caused widespread localized flooding in Charlotte County, particularly in coastal and low-lying areas. Avoid driving in downtown Punta Gorda where there are reports of flooded roads and disabled vehicles.
If you don’t absolutely have to hit the road, it’s safer to stay cozy at home. Let’s be real, driving isn’t a great idea right now. Keep those eyes peeled and stay safe while on the move. Seriously, take it slow if you absolutely must go. If you spot underwater roads, turn around, find a detour, and don’t risk it. Safety first!
Hurricane Idalia has brought storm surge, high tides, and excessive rainfall, leading to localized flooding, particularly in tidal areas. Please take these precautions.
After the Flood Stage:
• Do not eat fresh food that has come into contact with flood water.
• Drink only bottled water.
• Stay away from disaster areas. You will only hamper rescue and recovery efforts.
• Do not handle live electrical equipment.
• Report downed power lines to law enforcement or to the power company.
• If you have private well water, follow CDC guidelines visit
The refuge at Centennial Park Recreation Center in Port Charlotte is closed.
Most county facilities will reopen to the public at noon Thursday, except for recreation centers, libraries, the Family Services Center and the Human Services Department’s Loveland Boulevard building.
The Historic Charlotte County Courthouse will be closed Thursday. Supervisor of Elections offices in the county Administration Center and Mac V. Horton Annex will open to the public at noon.
County parks and preserves will be undergoing assessment Thursday. Residents and visitors should be aware of potentially dangerous conditions and are urged to use caution when using these facilities.
The South Gulf Cove lock is inoperable until further notice.
The South Gulf Cove lock is inoperable until further notice.

The Ringling Causeway Bridge is now open up until Bird Key. Anything west of Bird Key remains closed due to high water and flooding.

NB & SB U.S. 41 at the Bayfront is now open, including the Gulfstream roundabout.

The north Siesta bridge at Siesta Dr. is now open.

Manasota Key Road north of Blind Pass/Middle Beach is washed out and traffic cannot pass in either direction.
The U.S. 41 bridges and Beach Road causeway to Manasota Key are now open. Localized flooding is still widespread. Do not drive on roadways that are underwater
SCHOOLS REOPEN THURSDAY: Our traditional public schools that were serving as emergency evacuation centers have closed and are in the process of being cleaned and reconfigured to welcome back students & employees. All of our traditional public schools will reopen tomorrow, Thursday, August 31, for normal school operations, including transportation services, food services, and after-school activities. Additionally, the Superintendent Listening Tour meeting slated for tomorrow evening at Riverview High School will be held as scheduled. If your child is enrolled at a charter school, please check directly with your school for updates on reopening.