Today, Governor Ron DeSantis issued a proclamation dedicating Sept. 23 as National Hunting and Fishing Day for the State of Florida in honor of hunters’ and anglers’ direct contributions to conservation in Florida. We are thankful for his recognition and encourage Floridians to celebrate by enjoying the abundance of coastline; lakes, rivers and canals; and public land found throughout our beautiful state.

National Hunting and Fishing Day

WHEREAS, Florida has a rich history of hunting and fishing that predates Florida’s statehood; and

WHEREAS, Florida’s sportsmen and women were among the first conservationists to support the establishment of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to conserve fish, wildlife, and their habitat, and help fund state efforts to provide for healthy and sustainable natural resources; and

WHEREAS, the state of Florida is committed to protecting and preserving our water and environmental resources for future generations to enjoy; and

WHEREAS, during Governor DeSantis’ first term, Florida invested $3.3 billion for the protection of our precious water resources, exceeding by $800 million his goal of $2.5 billion in four years; and

WHEREAS, in the fiscal year 2023-24 Framework for Freedom Budget, Florida continued this historic momentum by investing $1.6 billion to protect Florida’s natural resources for future generations; and

WHEREAS, Florida’s 3.7 million hunters and anglers generated $92.3 million of conservation funding for FWC in 2022; and

WHEREAS, hunting and fishing continue to be integral components of the cultural fabric of communities throughout the state; and

WHEREAS, Olympic shooter Kimberly Rhode stated, “Having grown up with a fishing pole in one hand and a shotgun in the other, I was fortunate that hunting and fishing was a way of life, a tradition that was passed down in my family for generations. It’s great to see Florida proclaim a day ensuring that these traditions are passed on for future generations, as I have so many fond memories of being in the outdoors with my family,” and

WHEREAS, National Hunting and Fishing Day was established in 1972 to celebrate and recognize hunters and anglers for their contributions to fish and wildlife conservation and the varied social, cultural, economic, and ecological benefits of our time-honored traditions of hunting and angling.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ron DeSantis, Governor of the State of Florida, do hereby extend greetings and best wishes to all observing September 23, 2023, as National Hunting and Fishing Day in Florida.