In the aftermath of Gabby Petito’s tragic death, one of the defendants, Steven Bertolino, is considering a settlement with the Petito family. Bertolino, who had represented Brian Laundrie’s parents in 2021, when Brian returned without Gabby, has filed a notice for a settlement proposal. Gabby Petito was later found dead in a Wyoming national park, and Brian Laundrie took his own life.

Brian Laundrie had left behind writings confessing to Gabby’s murder. The Petito family has filed two lawsuits against the Laundries: a $3 million wrongful death settlement and an emotional distress lawsuit. The current lawsuit is based on statements made by the Laundries through Bertolino during the period when Gabby was reported missing until her discovery in 2021.

This settlement proposal comes shortly after the Laundries objected to the Petito family’s request for text messages between the parents and Brian in the summer of 2021.