It was a woman who, with her husband, sought marriage counseling, who brought down a fraud. We’ll call her “Mary”. Mary and her husband went to see William Loader, who claims to be a licensed clinical counselor, but turns out, he was not. And, that he’d been arrested in 2002 for claiming to be something he was not. “Mary” herself has some experience in counseling, and when she became uneasy with Loader’s talking about himself, instead of their troubled marriage, “Mary” checked him out, and found that he had no license in Florida. When Loader suggested “Mary” see him at his office in his house, she did, and became uneasy, so again checking Loader out, found that he was not licensed at all, that the claims on his website were untrue. That’s when Loader started threatening her via email. “Mary” contacted the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office and they arrested the 73 year old Loader, charging him with Misrepresentation of Academic Standing, Making false claims of academic Title and use of a title without a license.