The Venice Museum and Archives and the Kentucky Military Institute Alumni Association are hosting the exhibit “Kentucky Military Institute: Celebrating 37 Years in Venice.” The display continues through June 12 as part of the Legacy of Valor campaign, honoring the service and sacrifice of veterans and their families.

The exhibit, celebrating the 37 years that KMI held its winter sessions in Venice, marks the 80th anniversary of the school’s arrival. Because of the impact the KMI had on the development of Venice, 1933 was a critical turning point in the city’s history.

The exhibit highlights KMI veterans and features a short film that is part of the documentary in development, “Character Makes the Man- The Story of the Kentucky Military Institute: 1845-1971,” produced by ParkerLane LLC to be released this fall. The exhibit includes uniforms, artifacts and photographs from 1933 to 1970 from the museum’s permanent collection.

“The exhibit highlights the contributions of KMI veterans and honors their service, while also shining a spotlight on local heroes associated with the Kentucky Military Institute in Venice,” city Historical Resources Director James Hagler said. “KMI was the oldest private military preparatory school in the United States and alumni include several Medal of Honor winners and men who distinguished themselves in battle, dating from the Civil War through Desert Storm.”

The exhibit is part of the Legacy of Valor Campaign. The Patterson Foundation created the Legacy of Valor campaign as an extension of its first-of-its-kind partnership with the National Cemetery Administration to design and construct Patriot Plaza at Sarasota National Cemetery.

Legacy of Valor highlights a series of community-driven partnerships to create a tapestry of events that educate, build enthusiasm, and focus the community toward honoring veterans and their families, inspiring patriotism and embracing freedom. The year-long campaign culminates with the dedication of Patriot Plaza in spring 2014.

“The Venice Museum’s partner, Kentucky Military Institute Alumni Association, helped coordinate the KMI reunion events associated with the museum’s exhibit. The reunion takes place later this month. The KMI Alumni Association has reached out to its 3,000 members,” Hagler said.

“Kentucky Military Institute: Celebrating 37 Years in Venice” is on display at the Venice Museum and Archives, S. 351 Nassau St., Monday through Wednesday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., through June 12.