Charlotte County. FL

A large Narcotics Unit operation, titled “Restart”, has resulted in more than 30 arrests and a litany of drugs removed from the streets of Charlotte County.

During the final few months of 2023, members of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit conducting a large round-up operation titled “Restart”. This operation has resulted in the arrests of 33 people on an abundance of drug charges.

Throughout the investigation, 64 cases were developed in which individuals sold, delivered, or possessed Fentanyl, Methamphetamine and/or Cocaine*. Among these cases, 27 were made involving trafficking amounts of these drugs, each holding a three-year minimum/mandatory sentence.

In total, efforts of the Narcotics Unit resulted in the seizure of approximately:

  • 3,300 grams of Methamphetamine*
  • 181 grams of Fentanyl*
  • 550 grams of Cocaine*
  • 3,284 grams of Codeine*
  • 7,865 grams of Marijuana*
  • 76 pills (identified as Oxycodone, Xanax, Dilaudid)

*Substances testing positive as

“Operation Restart was a tremendous success and I want to express my gratitude and congratulations to the Narcotics Unit. Their efforts throughout this operation not only saved lives, but demonstrated our commitment to eliminating illegal drug use in our beautiful county. Remember, if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we offer help with connecting to resources – without fear of arrest – but that doesn’t apply when we’re already making an arrest.”


If you are looking for your own “restart” and want to learn more about the Sheriff’s Drug Addiction Recovery Initiative, you can call our non-emergency number (941) 639-2101 or speak with a deputy today.