On July 13, 2023, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) made a significant arrest that ensured the safety of our community. Christopher Hodges, a dangerous individual with a history of violence, was apprehended following a domestic situation that took a terrifying turn.

Reports indicated Hodges not only engaged in a domestic dispute but also threatened to shoot and kill a house full of people, including children. Our law enforcement deputies, along with the assistance of the Arcadia Police Department, promptly responded to the distress call after spotting the vehicle Hodges was reported to be driving.

During the encounter, Hodges refused to comply with law enforcement’s instructions and attempted to evade capture. He abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot, further endangering himself and others in the process. Yet the dedication of our law enforcement officers paid off.

Our Criminal Investigative Division obtained an arrest warrant for Hodges due to the threats made. He was later arrested after a brief scuffle with law enforcement officers. It is important to note that Hodges has a criminal history, with 11 previous felony convictions ranging from possession of firearms by a convicted felon to burglaries, criminal mischief and fraud.

We are proud of the dedication and commitment the deputies and officers take to keep our community safe. Sheriff Potter wants to remind you to please stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities to DCSO at 863-993-4700 or submit a tip online through the DCSO app. Together, we can maintain a safe and secure community for everyone.