Depositions In Petito Murder Case Come To Light

In the aftermath of Gabby Petito’s murder, court documents reveal that Brian Laundrie made frantic calls to his parents, who claim they were only told “Gabby’s gone,” not that she was dead. The revelations came during depositions for a civil trial scheduled for May, where both families faced questioning. The Petitos are suing the Laundries and their attorney for emotional distress, alleging they knew Brian killed Gabby but did nothing. Despite being informed of Gabby’s disappearance, the Laundries maintain they didn’t believe she was murdered due to her history of “disappearing.” Brian’s parents also disclosed his abrupt move of belongings into a storage unit before the trip and his return to Florida days after an incident with Gabby, citing cost-saving reasons. However, they claim they observed no concerning behavior from Brian. Chris Laundrie asserted ignorance of any police incident involving Gabby and portrayed Brian as calm and unmarked upon his return. Brian allegedly explained Gabby’s absence as her needing time to work on her website and staying in a hotel for safety reasons. The depositions shed light on the family dynamics surrounding the tragic case.