The Sarasota Sheriff’s Department’s charged an account with exploitation of the elderly, for allegedly stealing from a client who’s incapacitated and in an assisted living facility…… CPA CHarged VO [.mp3

53-year old Brian Strand’s accused of stealing close to $200,000 from a 92-year old woman. The Herald-Tribune reports the victim’s bank, Sabal Palm, contacted the sheriff’s office last August concerned about some odd transactions. Investigators say there were ATM withdrawls, made at casino’s, from the victim’s accounts at Sabal Palm, as well as SunTrust, from 2011 to August of last year. Strand’s the victim’s CPA and successor for her trust. The victim’s granddaughter was notified, and she took Strand’s place as power of attorney. Strand was then called in for questioning, and detectives say he admitted misappropriating money.