Charlotte County Commissioners are getting more concerned about whether or not an international superboat race planned here next year will happen. 

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They grilled Charlotte Harbor Super Boat Grand Prix Race President Jerry York yesterday. NBC2 report Organizers need more sponsors for the event. Only $30,000 has been raised so far, which won’t cover expenses. The event’s expected to bring 80,000 people to Manasota Key. They haven’t worked out where all of them are going to stay. Organizers still haven’t been able to convince all of the beachfront property owners they need to, to let them use their beachfront for viewing the races. The county committed $250,000 to the event, and $63-grand’s been spent so far. York says for many potential sponsors, this is the end of their budget year, so they’re ready to commit to anything, but he says he expects that to change with new budgets in the new year.