A deadly Decemebr 2013 crash on the intercoastal waterway’s led to a lawsuit against the Freedom Boat Club in Charlotte County.

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Gina Hollis brought the suit. Her husband Lee was killed when a boat rented from Freedom slammed into his jetski. Bruce Vilardi was operating the boat, and the suit alleges he shouldn’t have been allowed to rent it. Investigators say Vilardi was intoxicated when he hit Hollis. The suit alleges the boat club was negligent in not checking that Vilardi had a valid driver’s license. He didn’t It had been suspended just before the crash for DUI and he was on probation and not supposed to be around alcohol. Gina Hollis tells NBC2 “it was fairly common knowledge that every weekend they they were allowing him to rent, knowing full well he had alcohol in a cooler or in a cup…” Vilardi’s awaiting trial for DUI manslaughter.