(Englewood) Acting on information while looking for a man with an active warrant, Charlotte County detectives were able to gather the evidence needed to arrest two Rotonda West men in connection with the Tuesday night armed robbery of Barracuda Bill’s Mobil convenience store as well as an occupied residential burglary.

On Wednesday, members of the Street Crimes Unit were looking for Karl William Recine, 26, of 109 Annapolis Lane, to serve an active warrant. Shortly after noon, Recine and Matthew Ryhan McNanna, 25, of 147 Rotonda Circle, left Recine’s residence in a car driven by a woman. When deputies stopped the car for a traffic infraction, they found items of clothing that matched what was worn by the man who robbed Barracuda Bill’s the previous night, as well as other evidence.

Recine and McNanna were taken into custody. Detectives obtained a search warrant for the car and located the same type of deposit bags that Barracuda Bill’s uses and cans of black spray paint.

Further investigation led detectives to connect both Recine and McNanna to an occupied residential burglary that occurred sometime early Sunday morning May 12 in the 200 block of Annapolis Lane. During that burglary, a 2001 green Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle and a helmet were taken from the garage.

On Tuesday night when the shot-gun wielding robber fled from Barracuda Bill’s, a witness saw a sport-type motorcycle leaving the area at a high rate of speed on Cape Haze Drive. The suspect had been wearing a full-faced motorcycle helmet during the robbery.

Late Wednesday night, detectives charged McNanna with Armed Robbery, Grand Theft, Wearing a Mask While Committing an Offense, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Burglary of an Occupied Residence and Grand Theft Auto. Recine was charged with being a Principal in and Armed Robbery, Burglary of an Occupied Residence, Grand Theft Auto and Failure to Appear. Both are being held without bond at the Charlotte County Jail.

Detectives are continuing their investigation into these incidents.