Captain Morgan emerges triumphantly from his briny escapades, larger and more magnificent than ever before!

In the eventful month of May 2023, the esteemed Captain Morgan statue was shamelessly pilfered from its rightful home at Beach Discount Liquors. The Captain Morgan team, well aware of the legendary captain’s allure in the sun-soaked state of Florida, was utterly flabbergasted by the audacity of such a heinous act.

However, the Captain Morgan team is overjoyed to announce the triumphant return of their beloved captain, albeit with a few notable enhancements. Alas, the original stolen statue remains elusive, yet fear not! A grandiose eight-foot statue has risen from the depths to proudly take its place.

To safeguard the revered captain from any nefarious marauders, the resourceful Captain Morgan team has ingeniously embedded a cutting-edge tracker within the new statue. This ingenious addition ensures the captain’s safety, thwarting any potential pirate incursions.