In March 2022, Joseph Petito and Nicole Schmidt took legal action by filing a civil lawsuit against the Laundries, accompanied by their attorney Steve Bertolino.

The family alleges that the Laundries were aware of Brian’s involvement in Gabby’s death about a month before her remains were discovered. They assert that the Laundries utilized legal representation to shield Brian from the consequences.

The defendants, CHRISTOPHER LAUNDRIE and ROBERTA LAUNDRIE, have terminated their agreement with the law firm Trombley & Hanes, who were representing them in this matter. They have engaged the services of Ryan L. Gilbert from Ryan Gilbert Law, PLLC, and seek approval to switch legal representation for the defendants. The defendants are asking the Court to relieve Trombley & Hanes and attorney P. Matthew Luka from any further involvement in this case, to remove them as attorneys of record for Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, and to deactivate their status as attorneys of record in the Case Management System.

The upcoming court hearing is scheduled for March 22, 2024, and a jury trial is set for May 13, 2024.