Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Got the feeling you’re being watched every time you walk past a certain tree? Getting dive bombed by stealthy flighted creatures in your own backyard? One explanation: hawks, owls and other birds of prey are nesting and raising chicks in spring and summer. Raptors get gold stars at parenting but can be very protective, sometimes diving directly at perceived threats to their offspring – which can mean you, your family and pets. So what can you do to avoid being on the business side of a hawk’s beak or talons? Check out these tips on coexisting with nesting birds of prey: https://bit.ly/2OFF3O1
Need more info? Contact an FWC wildlife assistance biologist near you: https://bit.ly/39hcrRa
Remember: all Florida birds of prey, including their nests and eggs, are protected under Florida law and the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act: https://bit.ly/3Ws15mh
FWC photo illustration
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