Detectives have arrested a Port Charlotte man for trying to burglarize Charlotte Pharmacy the previous week.

The sheriff’s office says it had already arrested 31-year-old Levi Jones for dealing in stolen property in an unrelated case.

On Nov. 13, Charlotte Pharmacy reported someone had tried breaking into its building. Security footage showed a man dressed in military camouflage fatigues tried breaking open the back door.

Six days later, detectives released an image from the video. They received information identifying Jones as the culprit.

Someone said Jones had stayed with a friend in North Port. That friend identified him as the person in the video, and implicated him in a theft she reported. Her wedding ring had disappeared from her house.

Detectives learned Jones had sold two rings to a local business. This friend identified the rings at a pawn shop as the stolen rings. When they searched Jones’ residence, they found the camouflage clothing that appeared to match the video.