A Message From The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

Thursday is the 1st day of school for many Sarasota County students, and we are just as excited as you are. However, we would not be doing our job if we didn’t put you on ALERT‼️

Parents love to take photos of their kids on the 1st day while holding cute premade signs that outline their child’s name, age, grade, and other physical descriptors, along with the school their child attends, their teacher’s name, and believe it or not, even the location of their classroom. Many of us are parents ourselves, so we get it — your kids are precious, but keeping them safe is critical!

Consider this: When taking photos, be careful not to reveal personal information — uniform logos, signage like your house number, license plate, the name of your neighborhood, and your child’s bus stop location. 🚌 All these pieces put together can assist a predator in taking advantage of your child.

Please SHARE this image with your network, friends, family, and every parent you know. Together, we can protect our most valued and vulnerable asset, our children.