Charlotte County Sheriffs Office
Media Release
Charlotte County, FL-

Since the very beginning of the pandemic, the Charlotte County Jail has put the health of inmates and staff at the very peak of importance. Extensive cleaning and sanitizing procedures take place daily as well as temperature checks and isolation procedures upon entering the facility.

A 14-day quarantine period is mandatory for all inmates who are booked into the Charlotte County Jail. Jail staff receive temperature checks prior to starting their shift and continue to practice social distancing and wear masks throughout the entirety of their shift. Sanitization and stringent cleaning procedures occur frequently.

Unfortunately, we have confirmation of the first cases of COVID-19 with the facility. The number is low, with eight inmates experiencing minor symptoms who are being treated by on-site medical professionals. These cases are within two housing units which were locked down as soon as the information was received. To prevent the spread, inmates within these units are in isolation and do not have contact with others.

We are working closely with Charlotte County Health Department officials, the Emergency Operations Center and in-house medical professionals as we monitor the rest of the population. We want to acknowledge concerns the public may have with loved ones within our facility. We assure you we are taking every precaution necessary provided by the CDC to ensure the safety and health of your loved ones. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the safety, security, health and well-being of people in our custody.

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