The “Conservative Thought Hour” is coming to WENG Radio begining January 5th. The weekly radio show hosted by Rick Stannard , will feature hour-long interviews with noted conservatives, providing a platform for passionate discussions on topics of importance.

Interviews will be with people of substance to the conservative mind. Economists, writers, journalists, politicians, activists, and even more will be guests.

American Endeavor will ensure that every message is heard and all voices are welcome.

American Endeavor, a non-partisan organization committed to preserving, protecting, and promoting American values through educational activities, proudly announces its mission and vision to support traditional thought and values in 21st century American society.

American Endeavor Vision:
Millions of conservative Americans often find themselves lacking the best information, yet each vote counts. With this in mind, American Endeavor aims to empower conservative thought leaders to reach their fellow citizens, sharing insights on the state of the nation and collaborating on strategies to protect America. The organization seeks to instill hope in citizens, letting them know they are not alone in their convictions