MURDOCK — The Tuesday meeting of the Charlotte County Commission will feature deliberations on Tim Chula’s contract, famously known as “The Beach Guy,” responsible for chair and umbrella services at Englewood Beach.

Following public demand to retain Tim Chula as the vendor, the commissioners had previously deferred a decision. However, the upcoming meeting will revisit Tim Chula’s existing contract.

Expressing his perspective, Chula shared, “I hope they honor the existing contract until next August. Then I hope they sign a one-year extension, with an additional two-year option. By then I will be ready to retire, but probably not.”

In a recent session, Tim Chula outlined the renewal of his 12-year contract with the county in August, coinciding with his purchase of an ATV for beach services. Concerns were raised during public comments about the fate of his chairs and umbrellas if the contract were not extended.

The County Commission had invited bids from businesses interested in providing beach rentals at Englewood Beach. “The Beach Guy”  was one of three bidders, securing the second position. The top-ranked bid came from Miami-based firm Bike and Roll.

While some commissioners expressed a preference for local vendors, legal constraints prevented them from favoring Chulas bid. Commissioner Joe Tiseo’s motion to accept Tim Chula’s bid was unsuccessful due to lack of a second and legal limitations.

Bike and Roll’s proposal, offering $1,595 monthly to the county with an estimated annual revenue between $100,000 and $200,000, raised concerns about feasibility and potential price hikes for beachgoers.

According to county spokesperson Brian Gleason, the upcoming agenda item focuses on a discussion of the current contract with the county.

The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Tuesday at 18500 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte. Members of the public have the opportunity to speak for three minutes on any agenda item or share their thoughts with commissioners.