Charlotte County, Florida

An undisclosed donation of $700,000 is propelling the Peace River Wildlife Center closer to realizing its permanent residence in Charlotte County, Florida. Volunteer Barb Taylor expressed her enthusiasm, describing it as a significant stride towards making their dreams come true.

The current half-acre property falls short in accommodating the animals residing at the Peace River Wildlife Center (PWRC). Taylor pointed out the constraints, emphasizing the tight quarters for their animal inhabitants.

The forthcoming facility promises to be ten times larger than their existing site in Ponce Park, promising expanded capacity for animal rehabilitation and enhanced educational opportunities. Tricia LaPointe, the executive director, conveyed her excitement, sharing the news of a $700,000 anonymous donation designated for their capital campaign.

This substantial sum significantly advances their financial progress, though the generous donor wishes to remain anonymous, preferring not to seek public recognition. LaPointe mentioned that they offer opportunities for donors to contribute, from $250 or $500 for bricks, all the way up to the chance to have their name associated with the education center for a substantial $1.5 million donation.

With the permitting process at the city level nearing completion, LaPointe anticipated that the groundbreaking for the new location could commence at any moment, bringing the organization one step closer to their ambitious vision.