PUNTA GORDA — Kelly Schiano, 41, wife of Mario Schiano, one of the victims in last month’s double homicide on Trails End Drive, has been apprehended along with Everett Michael Harper, 37, on charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

According to court records, the arrests were made on Monday. Judge Geoffrey Gentile issued a warrant for both suspects, ordering them to be held without bond. Both appeared in court on Tuesday and are currently detained at the Charlotte County Jail.

The incident occurred on January 24th, when Mario Schiano and Anthony Galeotti were discovered shot to death at the Schianos’ residence at 34745 Trails End Drive. Authorities initially stated the investigation was ongoing but assured the public that the incident was isolated and there was no immediate danger to the community.

Court documents indicate that the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) and the State Attorney’s Office filed a motion to seal the arrest affidavit for both suspects due to the existence of “two other co-defendants listed in the affidavit that have not been arrested.”

As per the motion, the case remains an active criminal investigation, and the affidavits, containing pertinent information and confessions, have been sealed to prevent disclosure.

While the CCSO has not officially announced the arrests of Schiano and Harper, Sheriff Bill Prummell has scheduled a news conference on Thursday to provide “important updates” regarding the Trails End investigation.

Prummell previously urged patience from the community, emphasizing the necessity of withholding information to safeguard the integrity of the ongoing investigation.