February 7, 2024 – Port Charlotte, FL

A middle school girl has been arrested after deputies located a knife in her backpack following threats to harm another student.

Earlier today, a School Resource Officer at Murdock Middle School in Port Charlotte was alerted to a notebook a student left behind in class, which detailed a plan to harm another student. The deputy identified Journey Little (06/04/2012) as the owner of the notebook and immediately located and interviewed her.

As the deputy was questioning Journey, she confessed to the notebook being hers and stated that she planned on killing another female student due to that female flirting with Journey’s boyfriend. The deputy conducted a search of Journey’s backpack, locating a 5-inch steak knife inside. At this time, the interview was stopped and the Criminal Investigations Unit was called to respond to the school.

A witness provided a sworn recorded statement, saying that during lunch last Monday (01/29/2024), Journey opened her notebook and showed her the notes saying how she wanted to kidnap somebody and kill them and their family. The witness said the intended victim’s name was not in the notebook, but based off previous conversations with Journey, she knew who the notes were in reference to. The witness stated that this other student is flirting with everybody’s boyfriend and is causing a lot of trouble in school. This prompted Journey and the other student to having an argument in the hallway on Friday (02/02/2024), during which the witness had to physically restrain Journey. The witness advised she did not know that Journey had brought a knife with her to school today.

Journey Little was placed under arrest and charged with two felony counts:

  • Bringing a weapon on school grounds FSS 790.115 (2)(B)
  • Written threat to kill FSS 836.10 (2)(A)

The school will also be addressing the incident with school discipline.