Granger Rd. Update
The incident on Granger Rd. has been resolved. There are no injuries and one male is in custody. The scene remains active and we thank our community for your cooperation.

A standoff is currently unfolding at a residence within the Gardens of Gulf Cove in Port Charlotte. The situation has been classified as a “hostage situation.” Commencing overnight, law enforcement from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is urging the public to steer clear of Granger Road near South McCall Road.

Chris Hall, the Public Information Officer for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, stated that this event is believed to be a “domestic situation.” The primary suspect is a male individual, thought to be a felon, and is suspected to be armed. Notably, he is not alone within the residence; there are two females present, complicating the authorities’ ability to swiftly intervene.

Hall emphasized that the optimal resolution would involve peacefully apprehending the suspect. This occurrence has been characterized as an “isolated incident.”

Story will be update as situation unfolds.