The Venice City Council tomorrow is set to spend more than $8 million and approve and award a winning bid to a contractor to reconstruct three main downtown arteries- Venice, Miami and Tampa avenues.

Earlier this year, the board rejected a previous round of bids after all proposals came in over budget. The main sticking point was the cost to renovate and increase the capacity of the stormwater system beneath Nokomis Avenue.

The project was sent out for re-bid minus that stormwater project, and now appears to be ready to go within the city’s $8.1-8.3 million budget. A Naples-based company had the lowest bid at $7.6M.

The new plan includes re-constructing Venice, Miami and Tampa avenues, adding ADA-compliant sidewalks, pavers at roadway borders, in-pavement lighting at crosswalks, new landscaping, a barrier fence in the W. Venice Ave. media, conduit, and new benches and trash baskets.