The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested two men Friday morning for Grand Theft and one with an additional charge of Cocaine Possession.
Deputies were initially alerted to the theft by the Loss Prevention Officer at the Home Depot store on Cattlemen Road in Sarasota. These two were identified as the same two men who had committed grand theft at another business in North Port less than an hour earlier.
As deputies responded, the suspects gathered numerous items totaling just under $5,000. They made their way to the front of the store. They ditched the cart when they spotted the Loss Prevention Officer following them and fled the store towards their vehicle in the parking lot. Arriving deputies were able to apprehend the suspects at their vehicle. Deputies noticed the rear of the vehicle was packed with tools and electronic items still in boxes, which appeared to be stolen.
Javier Perez, DOB 10/30/85, from Miami, and Bryan Gomez-Cueto, DOB 11/19/04, from New Jersey, are each charged with one felony count of Grand Theft, with Perez having an additional felony count for Cocaine Possession. It is believed they are part of a larger crime ring based out of the Miami area.
Deputies transported the men to the Sarasota County Correctional Facility. They have been released – Perez on a $2000 bond and Gomez-Cueto on a $1500 bond.